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Bigots, sexists, and hate, oh my!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 17, 2011, 9:50 AM

So... I can't really use this site with a clear conscience anymore. The sheer amount of homophobia and misogyny I've found being fostered here over the years is something that I really don't want to be part of. In fact, I don't even want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

And the sad part is, it's such a fixture in this community, so deeply ingrained in the userbase and the staff and the way the site is run that there's not really anything that can be done about it. Which leaves me with a single option, really-- I can leave.

I'm not quitting DA cold turkey, though. I've got obligations that I can't just up and walk away from, so I'll pop back in periodically to deal with those. I have people and groups that I watch that I'd still like to keep an eye on every now and then.

But I will stop posting art, I will stop faving and commenting for the most part, I'll be removing all links I've got pointing to this profile, and I will definitely be letting my sub run out because I refuse to give these assholes any more money.

If you still want to keep track of me and see what I'm up to (crappy TF doodles included), I've migrated a lot of my gallery to artician, and I'll start putting more art on my tumblr. I'm also still taking commissions, so if you want one, contact me by email or on tumblr or whatever, and we'll go through the usual process for that.

And hey, artician's got a group feature in the works, so if any of you want to come with me and start some Transformers community over there, I'd be totally up for it, cause....

Fuck this shit.


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 14, 2011, 7:18 PM


Lauren (Lo)

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)


3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)

Black.... Kitty. Naw. Black 'Coon.

*EDIT: Okay so apparently Coon is a racial slur and I did not know this but I'm leaving it up so you all can remember that I'm dumb and learn from my mistakes. :B

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)


5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)

Green Tea!

6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)


7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (both parents middle name)

Jane Doe Bryce (My mom has no middle name, and my dad has two. Go figure.)

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)

Black Kittytron.

9. NINJA NAME: (First two letters of your first name added with Ruto)


10. PIRATE NAME: (Your middle name after the word Captain)

Captain Middlename.

Okay is it just me, or...

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2011, 9:11 AM

Did DA hiccup there for a few days?

My inbox wouldn't load properly (in FF AND Chrome) so I couldn't see anything. Also couldn't write a journal, and probably couldn't upload art either.

I know my BF runs into this periodically, but this is the first time it's happened to me. Anyone else?


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 14, 2011, 6:17 AM

For those of you who remember my "DA is run by a bunch of fucking misogynists" rants a little while back, here's a tiny little news item concerning that and it would be super cool if you could fave it:


(Also PS was just sad yesterday because WhiteRabbitInk went home.)


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 13, 2011, 11:40 AM



Journal Entry: Fri Mar 4, 2011, 10:08 AM

I pick my BF up from the airport in 6 hours.


Difficulty? In MY painting?

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 2, 2011, 8:44 AM

It's more likely than you think.

The problem I've always had with liking abstract work and making abstract work, is that it doesn't usually take very long to produce. If you get it right the first time (as in, not have to start over), I could make what it is that I wanted to make in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, half the satisfaction of painting is that you labored over it during countless sleepless nights; that you sacrificed days, months, or even years of your precious life in order to create this one piece.

Abstract painting is, however, mostly intellectual. (Man, even saying that makes me feel douchey.) Abstract works take fuckin' brainpower more than anything, and proving that you didn't just randomly draw a line on the canvas and called it finished is hard. What I'm finding out is that most of the work that goes into stuff like this (which I GREATLY admire) doesn't happen on the canvas. It happens in years of correspondence between an artist and other thinkers of his day, in journals, in books, and generally just in lots of theorizing and philosophizing.

One of the best arguments in defense of the more "useless" college majors (like gender studies or English) I've heard was that their importance lay in convincing people they were important. Versus something like, say, majoring in business or advertising, where practicality is pretty self-evident. Like a degree in philosophy, most folks are going to think that abstract painting is dumb and useless. And it honestly would be if the artists who took (and continue to take) to the movement hadn't worked so hard to outline their theories, and to make themselves relevant.

So yeah. Painting a black square on a canvas doesn't take very long. But the thought that went into conceiving of that black square took the collective manhours, literature, history, politics, scientific advancement, and philosophy of an entire culture in order to formulate.


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 28, 2011, 3:35 PM




This is Bigs-and-Littles's first quarterly newsletter, here to give you the low-down on B&L happenings,  member and other size group highlights, as well as whatever other macro/micro stuff we feel like throwing in.

Please :+favlove: this news item so it will get more exposure!

Art Features

Each of us has chosen 4 art features; one for each "category".

UndefinedError's picks:

:thumb139626978: by :iconkristinagehrmann:

by :iconlost-in-legends:

:thumb136286429: by :iconbrainwashedmz:

:thumb142751427: by :iconmity-mite:

stripedwine's picks:

Pick Up 2 by lep3r by :iconlep3r:

TFA Cyclonus_Arcee by MamonnA by :iconmamonna:

by :iconintroducingemy:

by :iconmalek-monster:

Artist Spotlight

by UndefinedError


In glidingmark's world, the men are ankle high and the women rule them over. Sounds familiar? It probably does. But GlidingMark takes the concept to a next level with a full-on graphic novel.

3 volumes, over 500 pages, and new pages still published on his gallery almost on a daily basis. "The Game", "The Protectress", and the currently in-progress volume "The Offsprings" tell an epic story taking place in GlidingMark's fantasy world.

Fear, hate, friendship, eroticism, twisted morals and disturbing relationships - all elements presented in a realistic and yet comic way in this one-of-a-kind story, and are bound to stir a strong emotional response in any reader. The story together with the well-drawn pictures do a spectacular job in conveying the feel and sense of this world. I have to admit that more than once, the amount of conveyed realism in this graphic novel actually brought a tear to my eye.

B&L Contests

Previous Winner

Let's give another congratulations to peachnewt on her winning entry for the winter contest!

A Someday in WinterA Someday in Winter
by peachnewt
If m/m, or mention of vore is not your thing, leave now.  These characters are my own creation.  Do not steal or copy.
Will gazed at the untouched snow between the trees of the city park.  The sunset made it into valleys of pink and gilded the tree branches.  He could loose himself in the beauty of snow.  He never thought he could loose someone else because of it.  
"Should I leave you to commune with the trees?" snapped Louis, brushing flakes off his blond hair and off the sleeves of his black wool long coat.  His breath came in steamy puffs like an aggravated tea kettle.  
After seeing Louis miserable after another lab test for Rachel, Will had offered to treat him to a cup, or five, of freshly ground coffee at a cafe he frequented.  The blond had acquiesced only after Will had touted the strength of the brew, and the taunt that maybe Louis couldn't handle

Here's her prize.


Unfortunately, there won't be any this time around. :<

However, UndefinedError and I have been tossing around the idea of doing a group collage of photos or drawings of our members just for fun. There would probably be around 6-8 slots (perhaps more), first come first serve. He and I would pick a hi-res photo of someplace, and circulate it around for folks to draw/collage themselves or their alter-egos into however they wanted, big or small (keeping it at a "soft" PG13 rating, though).

I think it sounds like a great idea, but it could only happen if there was sufficient interest.If you're up for it, let us know! :meow:

Size News

Things of Interest

The Minimizer has started a new comic, "Joining the Collection". Min is also taking commissions at this time.

► Literotica, an enormous sex-positive forum for erotica writers and appreciators, will soon be opening up a new fetish sub-forum! Here's a link. (Warning: NSFW)

Studio Ghibli's The Borrowers Review


"The release of a Studio Ghibli animated film is always a hotly anticipated event in Japan. The animation studio, whose head Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) is regarded as the “Walt Disney of Japan,” has been enchanting audiences worldwide since the premiere of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind in 1984. Its latest film, The Borrowers, the work of long-time animator/first-time director Hiromasa Yonebayashi, bowed recently in Japan. Released over a holiday weekend, the film racked up approximately $15.5 million in ticket sales out of 447 screens and secured 1st place at the box office. The movie is based on Mary Norton’s book The Borrowers, the first in her five-book series chronicling the adventures of a diminutive family who make their life underneath the floorboards of a large house by borrowing small items from the big people. The film is a breezy, fanciful work which lives up to the Studio Ghibli banner."

Read more

I'm having very little luck in finding any information about a US theatrical or DVD release. All I seem to get is rumors, complaints, and old information about the whys and wherefores. Its North American release date was set for the 17th, but there seems to be zero information on what kind of release it was, or if it happened at all.

All I know is that Netflix doesn't seem to have the movie. Bummer. :T

Media Feature

Wherein we'll reminisce about some fond macro show, movie, or book from when we were a kid. If you'd like to write something about something you were interested due to size for the next newsletter, send me a :note:!


Yes, Digimon. Now, I was really bad at keeping track of cartoons and their story arcs, so all I ever really remember is bits and pieces of stories and character interaction. This show was pretty good, as I recall, in terms of dealing with the subject of acceptance and diversity. I mean, it probably had the most diverse cast of characters I can think of in terms of physical appearance, beliefs, motivations... the best part is that every single one of them were treated as people. Whether it was the little main Rookie-level digimon who usually half the size of their human companions, to the villainous (and sometimes misunderstood) Ultimate-level digimon like Metal Seadramon. I think I also remember it being pretty unconventional when dealing with gender identities of various characters, as some of them will identify as one gender, and then appear to be another gender in a different evolutionary stage. Or some will have to merge with a digimon of the opposite gender in order to evolve at all.

Unfortunately, I tried watching Digimon again recently, and found it unbearably boring. However, the character designs are still just as impressive and interesting as they were all those years ago, and the things I learned from watching it, and the amount of fun I had roleplaying it with my friends cements it in my mind as an essential part of my childhood. Would I recommend you watch it? Not if you don't like anime or talking heads (interspersed with some VERY cool fights, though).

(PS- My favorite character to play with in toy form was Demi Devimon, as pictured here. Small, cute, and diabolically evil.)

Group Stuff

If you know of any macro/micro-centric webcomics, let us know! I'd like to be able to list them... and perhaps read some. ;)

New Links

Giantess Garden Weekly; videos, comics, and art updated every sunday, and a non-GTS video updated monthly. (Warning: NSFW), a clean/SFW giant/tiny forum.

The Princess and the Giant: a silent, B&W fairytale comic about... a princess and a giant. SFW.

U.F.O.: A funny, cute, and violent webcomic about... aliens? SW content (I think that picks up in chapter 6). SFW D: ?


Commissions, Trades, and Requests

LooseWire is taking commissions for $:…

Frog-Bait is taking commissions for $:…

Ginbug is open for art trades, and possibly commissions

Xen0phage is taking commissions for $ or :points:

WhippetWild is taking art requests (macro/micro only)

emeryaxiom is open for requests and art trades

Member Contests

Ginbug - promo image (cover/poster) of one of his stories; any media - ends March 20th

Frog-Bait - drawing of one of his OC girls with another one of his or your own OC - ends March 14th

kaileingod - drawing for :points: over at his DA group, GiantessSciFi; all you have to do is submit art - ends May 27th

Roleplay Personals

Lassic, Tinybr, WhippetWild, and kaileingod are all looking for roleplay partners! PM them to see if you're a match.

Open Call!

How'd you like this little diddy of a newsletter? If you feel you have something to contribute for the next one, please let me (stripedwine) know, (like we always say) regardless of size, gender, or species! And if you're not sure, ask anyways. :peace:



Journal Entry: Fri Feb 25, 2011, 12:01 PM

Drawing EVAs is the assiest shit in the world.


The Planned Parenthood shit going on right now is absolutely horrendous.

No need to worry: misogyny is still alive and well folks! Thank god people hate feminists these days, otherwise the measure might have been harder to pass. Whew!
Can you seriously not post links to anything on ED here?
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! |3


In other news... man oh man did I have a crazy dream last night. Somehow I'd come across Michelle Obama in a cave somewhere, probably the Rockies. It turns out that she'd developed a secret addiction to silver mining, and had been sneaking out in the White House private jet at night to fervently work her claim for the past month or so.

Naturally, when I found out, I was appalled by her behavior, and the first thing that I thought to do was tell the president what was going on. But just as I was about to confront her, she'd broken through an earthen wall with her pick-axe, and revealed an enormous cavern, with the biggest vein of silver that anyone had ever probably laid eyes on. In fact, there was so much that we couldn't even SEE all of it. It kept going down, and down, and... wait, something was wrong with it. Suddenly, the silver began to move, and a face appeared! It was Jeff Bridges!

It turns out that he was a giant silver golem created by a 19th century miner who wanted to protect his claim until he could raise himself from the dead and continue his fortune-seeking once more. Well, Silver Jeff Bridges was like "Hey man, I gotta go like, rampage now and stuff." So he broke out of the cave, and went down the mountain to go wreck havoc on the nearest city.

Michelle was mortified, and I was angry, so I promptly walked across the midwest and headed straight for the white house. "I MUST speak with the president!" I told a guy there. He said okay, but then I thought about it and started to doubt myself. Maybe what I had to tell him about his sneaking, addict wife, wasn't really as important as I thought it was, and maybe I was just going to waste his time...

...and then some other stuff happened with a really big hospital, an auditorium, a natural history museum and butterfly exhibit. Near the end of the dream I was also running around the city with no shoes on.

Then I woke up.
For asking about the last entry. 3|

Let's just say that... I'm not looking forward to spending another 6 days here (at home, with family) because all 3 of my parents (I count my mom's mom as one because she's always made sure to be a huge part of my life) are driving me up the wall, and have lots of their own issues they need to sort out without involving me.

God I can't wait to move to Vancouver with :iconwhiterabbitink:.
ave a merry one!

I'm on my broken laptop, and te  key doesn't work on it. :[


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 25, 2010, 6:41 AM
Have a happy one!


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Re: Why

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 11, 2010, 9:37 AM
This site is pretty kickass about talking about feminism (lowercase 'f', not uppercase) in the real world and commenting on how the real world talks about women. Whether you agreed with me or not yesterday, you'll do well to check out some of the blogs on the site, Bitch Magazine:


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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 10, 2010, 7:31 AM
...are almost all of the DDs that feature a person in them a chick? And why are the majority of them naked? Are artists really too lazy to seek out any artistic potential in the male body, or are the folks responsible for DDs just really biased against all the suggestions they get that feature guys? Or are naked women somehow more acceptable than naked men?

Been mulling over this for a while now.

PS- All the photography portraits of naked chicks kind of look the same.


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 31, 2010, 2:27 PM

Sorry, I'm too lame this year to draw anything.



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